Pastor Paul Zaspel

Pastor Paul is a faithful minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been involved in Christian ministry since his graduation from seminary in 1979, serving as both assistant and senior pastor in Virginia and Minnesota before coming to Pottsville in 1993 as our Youth and music minister and then as senior pastor in 2002.  He is married to Carla and has a son, Timothy.


Pastor Rick Kantner

Pastor Rick has faithfully served Christ since his salvation in 1972.  He served as deacon of our church for twenty years and was installed as one of our pastors in 2008.  He, like Pastor Paul, is a faithful expositor of God’s Word. He is married to Lorraine.


Pastor David Morris

Pastor David is our elder at large. He is an itinerant evangelist traveling through the country preaching the gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  If you would like further information about his ministry or would like to schedule him for meetings, please contact us via e-mail for his contact information. David is married to Terry and has five children: Stacy, Steven, Sam, Sarah, Seth, Simeon.



Tom Hughes, Dan Sickinger and Mike Swilp are faithful servants ministering to the physical needs of our church and its members.