Preaching and Teaching

We recognize that it is only through the instruction of God’s Word that people are saved and that Christians grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ and are equipped to do the work of Christian ministry. ┬áTo accomplish this our emphasis in worship is on the systematic exposition of Scripture, teaching verse by verse through a book of the Bible with emphasis upon doctrine, the gospel and the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Expositional series have covered many books of the Bible including Genesis, Exodus, Job, Proverbs, Minor Prophets, Luke, Acts, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, James, Revelation.

Some other topics covered in our preaching include: the doctrines of Grace, Christianity Explained, Battle for the Mind, Mountain Peaks of Scripture, Christian Apologetics, The Home.

Our current series:

  • Adult Sunday School: The prophecy of Daniel
  • Wednesday Bible Study: Mark’s Gospel
  • Sunday Worship Service: The epistle of Romans