Word of Life Baptist Church
“Preaching the Doctrines of Grace

March 3, 2019

9:30 Sunday School

There are classes for everyone from infants to adults. Pastor Rick is teaching the adults in the auditorium.

  • Hebrews

10:45 Morning Worship Service

  • Message: Pastor Paul Zaspel will speak from Exodus 15
  •      Title: The Holiness of God
  • Next Sunday: Pastor Paull again speak on the Holiness of God
  • Nursery worker next week – Esther

Please notify the nursery workers, when dropping off your child, if he/she has any food allergies.

Wednesday: Bible Study and Prayer

  • Meeting at 7:00 pm every Wednesday
  • Current series: The Book of Acts                                                                                                                                                                          


Ladies Bible Study on Thursday (3:00 pm) Topic of Study: “The Sermon on the Mount”

Quote of the day: Charles Spurgeon on the Holiness of God

“The most spiritual and sanctified minds, when they fully perceive the majesty and holiness of God, are so greatly conscious of the great disproportion between themselves and the Lord, that they are humbled and filled with holy awe, and even with dread and alarm.”