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By paulzaspel, February 27, 2016

THE CHRISTIAN MIND: Overcoming Deception

Romans 12:2 and Genesis 3


John Bunyan, commenting on the promise of Genesis 3:15 says, “It’s as if the Lord had said, ‘Adam, you see how the devil has overcome you; how he, by your consenting to his temptation, has made you a subject of death and hell! But though he has by his deceit made you a spectacle of misery, even an heir of death & damnation: yet I am God, & your sins have been against Me. And because I have grace and mercy, I will therefore design your recovery. But how shall I bring it to pass? Why I will give my Son out of my bosom, who shall in your place and in your nature encounter this adversary, and overcome him. But how? Why, by fulfilling my law, and by answering its penalties. He shall bring in a righteousness which shall be “everlasting,” by which I will justify you from sin, and the curse of God due thereto. But this work will make him smart, he too must be crushed, he must be made “a man of sorrows,” for upon him will I lay your iniquities (Isa 53:6) and Satan shall bruise his heel.’”